It's 2 Redheads Tuesday! Watch the pilot episode now!

We've hyping you something fierce for the last week and the big day has finally come. Head on over to the home page or or go directly to YouTube to watch our first episode. Everyone on the 2 Redheads team is super proud of what we've done and we really hope you enjoy it. Please, share it with everyone you know. Haven't you always wanted to be on the ground floor of a viral Internet sensation? Now's your chance!

The 2 Redheads theme song

You've gotta have a great theme song, right? Okay, I guess these days they've gone a little out of fashion (I blame Lost and its brief abstract sound effect passing for a tune). Call me old-fashioned, but I still dig a great TV jingle and I wanted us to have one. Thankfully, our trusted producer Claire knows two extremely talented songwriters, Emma Hooper and Charlie Williams. I provided them with an odd smattering of adjectives that I thought represented the tune I was hoping for and they delivered a sweet ass ditty that's not only impossible to get out of your head, once it's there, you'll never want it to leave.

So, please, enjoy the 2 Redheads theme song in all its glory:

22 of my favorite redheads from pop culture

To celebrate the launch of 2 Redheads I decided to put together this list of some of my favorite gingers from popular culture. I didn't realize just how many there were and how difficult it would be to whittle the list down to a reasonable size. I could've included at least twice as many fiery-haired ladies and gentleman, but I decided to keep the list to those that both pull at my sentimental heartstrings and have helped to inform and inspire me as a writer and performer (just beware, I didn't watch a lot of classic television growing up, so there are some big ones that didn't make the cut).

Where the redheads came from

Where the redheads came from

I've wanted to create a web series for awhile now. As someone who's been writing since I was in elementary school and who created my first website in high school (I'm old enough that that was roughly my first opportunity to do so), it seemed like kind of a no-brainer.

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First day of shooting, in the can

It's hard to believe that as of June of last year, 2 Redheads was a glimmer in my eye, brought on by some involuntary brainstorming after a Channel 101 panel at the Austin Television Festival. A few months later there was a script. By November, we had our first production meeting. Today, we completed our first day of shooting.

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Pretty, pretty pictures

We just posted a series of photos across the pages on this site, as well as across our social media platforms. Huge credit goes to our photographer, Laura Bolesta, who made us look gorgeous and dealt with our extreme awkwardness while getting our pictures taken. Hayley looks gorgeous...I look appropriately mousy and I think they give you a great idea of our dynamic together in the series.

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