Pretty, pretty pictures

We just posted a series of photos across the pages on this site, as well as across our social media platforms. Huge credit goes to our photographer, Laura Bolesta, who made us look gorgeous and dealt with our extreme awkwardness while getting our pictures taken. Hayley looks gorgeous...I look appropriately mousy and I think they give you a great idea of our dynamic together in the series.

The site got a bit of an all-around face lift alongside the purty pictures, including a page featuring photos and bios of our cast for the first episode (one photo is still to come due to technical issues). I'm super excited about all these people coming together to make the show happen. It's very, very exciting.

Our first day of shooting is this coming Saturday, which is super exciting and nerve-wracking. I should probably stop writing this and go practice my lines. I'm gonna go do that. Bye!