First day of shooting, in the can

It's hard to believe that as of June of last year, 2 Redheads was a glimmer in my eye, brought on by some involuntary brainstorming after a Channel 101 panel at the Austin Television Festival. A few months later there was a script. By November, we had our first production meeting. Today, we completed our first day of shooting.

It took 12 people and more than 7 hours to bring a little less than two pages of what I wrote to life. As someone who's wanted to write for the screen for years, I went through a whole lot of emotions, most of them too quickly to really register. It was foremost, an incredibly surreal and exhilarating experience.

If I ever had any doubt that I had the best group of friends in the world, it was surely squashed today as several of my nearest and dearest showed up at 9am (we are largely night folks, we don't do so well with weekend alarm clocks) to stand out in frigid Chicago weather to serve as extras in a crowd shot.

I cannot say enough great things about our cast who have turned in great work that I'm sure you're going to love. Mike Meyer is making everything look fantastic on camera and has been such an amazing partner in bringing the script to life. And, of course, Claire, who's been amazing at helping to make things happen at every turn.

It was an exhausting but very exciting day and I can't wait to show you all the tremendous work that everyone produced.