The Voice of Experience

While most of the folks on-set for the 2 Redheads pilot were either complete video virgins or relatively inexperienced, we did have one total pro to guide us: Mike Meyer, our illustrious director, who has been a video professional for more than a decade. (He is also, conveniently enough for us, shacked up with our producer.) He took some time out from his busy schedule of corporate gigs and prepping his first feature, Heaven Is Hell, for its festival premiere this weekend to give us his thoughts on the 2R experience:

Directing the pilot for 2 Redheads was a supremely fun experience. On paper, there definitely were some challenging elements: cast/creatives fairly new to production, multiple locations, fight choreography, effects—and let's not forget weather! But it was fun, front-to-back. The writing and performances are ha-larious, as you'll see in the first episode. The cast and crew were always super helpful. You need half a dozen plus extras to come out on an absolutely frigid day and stand outside for hours? Done. You need to rig something up so it appears that an actor is being dangled two feet off the ground? Done. You need a massive pizza to sustain you? Always and done. Plus, I got to use the glide cam while trudging through a snowbank, which is like pulling off a backflip: When you nail it, you feel like a ninja. And that day, I was a ninja.

Good work, good people, good fun!  *bop to the theme song*