The Third Redhead

I know, I know. It's called 2 Redheads. But there are, in fact, three redheads involved in the creation of this show. I'm Claire, the producer, and I stay almost entirely hidden behind the scenes (although I do make a brief appearance in the pilot).

What is a producer, you ask? That's a really good question! It's a question I had a few months ago, when I volunteered to be the producer of this show. See, I've never been a producer before. But I've spent the past seven years of my career as a project manager for print and digital media (after stints as an editor, barista, and private detective, but those are other stories...). A project manager is the person who gets s#*! done. And when I attended this year's Chicago Film + Media Summit, I heard producer Christina Varotsis say that the key to being a great producer is finding the thing that needs doing and then doing it. So, being reasonably good at logic, I realized that a producer is a show's project manager. 

I'm the one who makes schedules, keeps checklists, calls meetings, and sends everyone six reminder emails for all the little details that need to get taken care of. I help find and hire talent and secure locations. I make sure everyone is where they're supposed to be when they're supposed to be there. I also order pizza for hungry cast and crew, charge the cameraman's spare battery, hang curtains over empty windows, hold lights in tight spaces, and do just about any other job that needs doing by unskilled hands. It's super glamorous. 

I love getting to use the annoyingly type-A obsessive list-double-checking skills I have to help my friends bring their artistry to life. And I'm glad they put up with the fact that I didn't always know what I was doing as we put it all together. Somehow (with a lot of help from actual skilled professionals director Mike Meyer and editor Monica Kowalski) we figured it out. I'm really excited that you get to see the result, exactly five days from now.